natural hair doll   I decided I care about my face and my hair. I’m curious to see which becomes more evident first.

When I decide I care about something, my initial instinct is to overdo it. Happens every time at least for most things. I thought I decided I cared about my hair and wanted to start to learn about make-up a while back but when I think it over, I never hit the OD mark so maybe I’m not that way with everything. I get frustrated pretty easily (working on that). I never been someone who thought it necessary to spend lots of money on getting my hair done and no one ever taught me how to apply make-up.The most I knew about make-up was that I liked dark red lipstick. Haven’t worn it since college though (a lot of years ago for those who like to calculate).

When it came to my hair, I always found a below cost braider or someone who washed hair in their home. When I was getting relaxers I was lucky enough to only need them 2-3 times a year so spending close to $100 wasn’t too bad. *Okay let me tell the truth. When I was paying close to $100 it was my aunt sending me to get my hair done so I wasn’t paying for it. Soon as I had to start paying for it, I ordered the relaxer bulk from the supplier and would ask one of my homegirls to apply it for me.*

So here I am, natural and for the past three years a foundation wearer. *I started wearing the foundation when a friend of mine introduced me to it and I ‘ve only worn foundation as my make-up since. (Baby steps)* I’m finally realizing that learning to take care of my hair and face can help me look more vibrant that the old worn out bag I feel like I am. *Okay maybe not that extreme but I’ve had a long day at my day job and those are the words that came to mind.* The bun is getting played out and it’s balding me (see blading post). So now, I’m trying to wear it out and curly more often. I have a friend who started creating videos dedicated to natural hair. She’s good because she shows you different styles. It never even crossed my mind to have options. She also lets you know what products she uses in case you’re like me and you’re out here searching for clues.

I had a eyebrow lady jack up my eyebrows and it’s taking forever for them to grow back so I thought I’d research how to pencil them in without looking like someone’s child was playing with a black crayon on my face. So I asked a friend who’s eyebrows always look good to me and she started making make-up for beginners tutorials; the first one was to help me learn the eyebrow thing. My therapist (yes, I have one cause the crazy is lurking round the corner) recommended a face wash that I started using. I think maybe my old $4 face wash wasn’t getting the job done. So I have quite a few new pieces of advice to play with.

Point? Oh um, it’s okay to feel good about how you look and investing in that good feeling. I’m learning that now. It can be a feature of me (never the center of me). The process of it all is actually a little fun. I can’t purchase all the products I learn about right away because I have responsibilities, but this is all part of learning to be comfortable with myself. Some folks think it’s not because I’m doing stuff to dress myself up or maybe even hide what I don’t like about myself. But it’s more like I’m comfortable liking what I like and decided to try honing the skills I admire in other people. Besides, although he loves me regardless, I like impressing my husband.

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  1. I hear you! (No pun intended). 🙂 BTW: It sounds like you have a very nice aunt! Keep the stories coming. Love it!!!
    Judy Jackson
    Chief Talent Officer
    Mediabrands, NA

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