What is the flipping deal with so many schools not teaching cursive writing anymore? I came across a post on Facebook about a teacher warning a student not to write her name in cursive. Is that really necessary; a warning in red at the top of her homework? How is writing in cursive hurting her or impairing her ability to receive what it is that she’s being taught? If anything it shows she’s learned something additional, something more that what she was taught in school. She should be celebrated.

The post caused me to look up information about this push back against cursive. I was amazed to find articles declaring that in 41 states it was no longer mandatory to teach that type of writing in schools since so much of everything is on computers now. What the heck? I still have to sign for my driver’s license. I had to sign for my marriage license, to open a bank account. Heck, schools are still asking parents to sign failed tests and homework assignments.

I don’t know what’s wrong with our nation and schools. Constantly we seem to be taking away from the students. Arts programs are being cut, many schools don’t require gym and a girlfriend of mine says that learning a foreign language isn’t required at the school her child attends. How is all this helping our children be equipped to interact with the world outside of our country? It’s like we no longer wish to produce well-rounded humans. Humans who live fulfilling lives yet are savvy enough to either know or desire to learn the things that other cultures are taught.

Let’s say your child grows up and wants to be a historian. It would make it difficult for him/her to read old documents written in cursive. Maybe your child wants to write books or movies (although the subtraction of arts and musci seems to discourage these types of careers) and is fascinated with someone’s diary but it’s written in cursive, so as a grown-up it’s a struggle to read.

My husband was sitting in a class one day and only two students knew how to write in cursive and he was one of them! The other person was over 30 like my husband. So a room full of 17-25 year-olds couldn’t even answer the challenge of writing one letter in cursive. What the crap is that? Even if all it was used for was a signature, that’s important. Your signature is important. It’s way more difficult to forge than your print and there’s a reason it’s required on important legal documents…because it’s personal, part of how you can be identified, verified, and important! Do they not need signatures on peace treaties anymore?

Okay I’m done ranting. Parents, more than ever we have to take our children’s education into our own hands. We can’t leave it up to the system nor should we ever have. Still with all the things meant to enlighten our children being taken away it is up to us to feed it to them.

P.S. Whomever came up with that new way of doing math was never a child and yet still had way too much time on their hands. It’s not productive for kids to spend their time frustrated with that crap. Okay I’m done now for real.

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