So now that I’m done sulking over my fabulous stolen (yes it feels stolen so that’s what I’m going to call it) television series idea, I thought I’d throw some other stories out there. I promise I won’t post pages and pages of material to try your patience. There’s just some stories that are desperate to speak so why not in front of an audience? So here we go with the first part to “Big Mout’ Girl.”

Big Mout’ Girl by: Phoenix Ash

Mother says that when I start talking, I never know when to stop. I can hear her voice with her fresh off the boat Jamaican accent: Lookatyu. Why yu fe guhlong so? Ya grown an still ramblin’ people’s business. I could practically hear her “kissin’ her teet” as my brother’s ex-girlfriend, Petal’s eyes widened. “I’m so sorry you and Corey broke up. He’s so stupid. Your baby gonna be smarter than him.”

I felt like giving my own self a beating. My mouth is like a bullet train. She tried to conceal her surprise by nodding like she was in total agreement. Her big eyes told me I was giving her news, yet I kept going. The thing is, I was fully aware of the need to stop. I carried on about how lucky she was not to be in the situation his present fiancé was in; having a baby with Corey while his ex-girl was also pregnant by him. This is where my mother would normally step in and apologize for my denseness. I was wishing for my mother and I’m sure Petal wished she could be there too, to pop me in my mouth.

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