IMG_0221    So I spent this weekend with my aunt and two friends of the family. We went to a retreat of sorts in the Catskills. The place was a tad odd, with four beds to a single room and an abandoned tennis court, but it made for a great getaway. I mean normal places with room service and spreads of food are great for getaways too, but there’s something about no consistent cell phone service and a towering Polish guy demanding that you to come to dinner before your food gets cold that makes for a more interesting weekend.

I mean who doesn’t love being restricted to 900 calories a day? Yes 900! They tried to give us one turkey taco and a side of cole slaw as lunch. One taco? Really? What about being called a traitor for deciding not to have dinner on site? It was great fun being rebels, eating great barbecue and buffalo wings for dinner. It felt like when I was a kid at sleep away camp, sneaking off in a group to see what we could find in town. I almost tiptoed back to my room. We even ventured to another more established resort to get massages and facials. I hadn’t had a facial in years! I wasn’t sure I knew my true complexion.


When we took our morning walks the trees were so beautiful as this time of year their colors are in transition. If I only I paid attention to the trees in the development where I live. Maybe it would inspire me to walk more often. Maybe October can be walking month. I’ll try to do a walk 4 times in the month. I know it sounds little but the Polish guy would be proud that I brought some piece of discipline home with me. I try to set first step goals I’m almost certain I can attain. Helps build the confidence.

The conversations were my favorite part. We laughed, we sassed, we cried. We encouraged each other and reminded each other of the strength in our support system. My aunt is like my mom being that she raised me. I never would’ve guessed I would enjoy hanging with her along with what I thought were her friends for a weekend. I now know, that we are all friends and united in our fear of what looked like a horse stable but was abnormally quiet and lacked the smell of horses. I kept expecting to hear screams from the innocent and dirty faces pressed against the glass, trapped. Thank God we came in a group. I bet you that’s what happens to rebels who travel alone. I can’t wait to see where we go next year.

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