When you see someone operating in their gift, it amazes you. I’m not talking about the endless amount of folks who happen to know how to do something. I mean the people who care about what they’re doing and the end result is living beauty. We’ve all seen it before. There’s the five-year old mathematician, the singer that gives you Goosebumps or even the seventy year-old ballerina who has toes stronger than my morning breath. So many times when we see the painters or the supermoms (yes that is a gifting) we wish that we had that much talent; that type of talent. Somehow in watching someone else blossom we forget that we too are in the process of our own blossoming.

Talent does not replace hard work. I don’t say that to motivate you to work hard because I suspect you do. There’s a dream you’re aspiring to attain and you’re pushing for support. So why is support so hard to come by? Is it because you’re actually horrible with inoperable ears or the inability to understand what exactly is good literature? You think maybe you haven’t found your audience or you haven’t figured out where to be so your audience will find you? These are all possible although I think you suffering from delusions doesn’t really matter. I mean there are so many mediocre talented people living out their dreams (listen to the radio lately?) that our younger generations now aspire to be mediocre. Okay that’s another topic, but anyway I have a point. Well maybe more like a question. Who are you supporting? Anyone? Are you rooting for anyone else to achieve? Are you purchasing someone’s book, listening to someone’s radio show, watching someone’s YouTube, attending someone’s event? If you are, are you doing it because you think that person would support you or because you’re familiar with the struggle and would like to do what you can to help someone progress. I mean seriously, cause that’s what you’re asking for isn’t it? You want someone to listen to you sing, introduce you to someone they know, or mentor you because they see you trying so doggone hard.

Who wants to help foster the success of the selfish? You know how many times I’ve seen people down for a movement then jump off the train soon as it parks in a station? They do nothing to promote progress, but expect to go forward with everyone else on board. When the train is stuck, they don’t care if the gears need oil or help search for another track. They jump off and onto someone else’s train with the hopes that person will recommend them for conductor. No matter how much someone tries to convince you they did it on their own, they did not. Someone had to believe; someone had to listen; someone had to purchase; someone had to offer an opportunity.

All of that to say, if you’re a writer, buy books. If you’re a musician, purchase music. If you’re a comedian, go to some comedy shows. If you’re a scientist, read someone else’s research. If you think you don’t have a talent, don’t just envy those who do. Encourage them, support them, give them reason to continue. There’s some incredibly talented people out there. There are also some very brave ones who pursue their dreams with no spoken promise of attaining them. They possess love, passion, and fire. Let their love, passion, and fire touch you. Let it inspire you. Better yet, inspire them.

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