I usually blog on Monday nights but last night, I couldn’t. So many thoughts of anger, resentment, disappointment, and expectation circled my mind. Life is supposed to matter and I feel like over and over again people feel that they get to determine who’s life has value and who’s does not. I’m not going to go on a rant because I don’t feel like it would be helpful. What I will do is make a plan that helps not only the children in my family but those of my neighbors. We need each other. I can’t just be concerned with my household and only support others when my emotions are tugged on from hearing about tragedy. It’s not enough to survive and it’s not enough to leave my brothers and sisters to their own chances of survival. Most of all, it’s not enough to have angry words and opinions on why without some sort of plan of moving forward. I have to care outside of myself. I must do what I can to help the next generation rise above the hate and anger that doesn’t surpise, yet still burns as it cuts so deeply.


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