Actually, I forget often. Like when I’m shopping. Even though I shop at plus size stores from the rip, I forget that designers sometimes make clothes that fit like a loosely sewn curtain, no shape or odd shape. I had a store I thought was my old reliable. Could order online and be fine with the pieces. And they were so trendy. But… I got too comfortable. I ordered a piece and the thing is mad awkward on one boob. One boob. How does that happen? Then the band on the top is too high above the peplum. So no matter what I do, I’m going to look frumpy. Boo!

The whole thing forced me to recall that I’m not simple shaped woman who can grab anything to put on and make it happen. Or maybe I am. Cause see that’s what I started to ask myself, if you were happy with the way you were shaped would you care how this top fit? Then I answered, “Hell yeah I’d care. Skinny chicks be looking mad wild and ill-dressed too. Hell, they should care more.”

So you see, I’m not going to tailspin into no damn self-esteem killing, self-loathing, the world doesn’t see me as beautiful rant. You ever seen me? I’m freaking beautiful; fat but, jiggle gut, and all. My chin doubles in pictures sometimes and on video for that matter.

So I had a moment where the clothes weren’t sized or fit as I prefer. And it made me remember that I’m overweight. And all the things I don’t like about me. But that’s the world. That’s what it does, especially with the social trolls. But I wasn’t trolled. I was in my own head and now I’m telling me it’s okay to forget that you’re fat and enjoy the rest of your day.

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  1. This made me laugh and cry. Same experience. Hate shopping because im a 16 and have to go in plus size sections where things are mostly frumpy. I love my big bottom, my very slightly trimmed waist but bumpy belly. I often think, why can’t they make the same exact clothes as the regular size section but just add inches of fabric. Keep the cuts, keep the length. Size 16 and up they think you want to hide everything. Actually, maybe it’s society that wants me to hide everything. Well screw that!!! We are not fat. Love this saying I found a while ago. “You are not fat. You have fat. You also have fingernails. But you are not fingernails.” Love u!!

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