Super hyped now that I’m a mom. I’m also super tired. My husband and I share much of the parenting responsibilities (thanks Boo) and we are both worn out! So when I think of single moms I’m in awe. Those women who are left to do this thing (particularly the newborn stage) alone make the impossible happen on a regular basis. What the freak! If you left your child’s mother to navigate motherhood on her own, then yes I see why she got a doggone attitude.

Parenting is hard, but this new mother type stuff is a beast! You have to be on all the time. Every squirm and every stir alerts you for fear the baby is struggling to do something. Doesn’t matter if the something is struggling to sleep, breathe, poop. Doesn’t matter. My child has herself on a 2 hour schedule to eat and she rarely misses an appointment. Still during the inbetween times I’m on pins and needles waiting to be needed.

Your baby’s mother, she’s not bitter, she’s tired. Tired of being up at 3AM feeling like she’s losing the battle of keeping her eyes open during a feed. She’s tired of being peed on as soon as she opens the diaper and tired of the new diaper getting pooped in before she’s even had a chance to seal it up.

Your man’s baby mother keeps flipping because she’s been flipped on all night by unconsolable cries that boil down to the baby not finding the right position to fall asleep in. Or maybe it’s because she is on the 4th different milk she’s tried to give to settle an unsettling baby tummy. Or better yet, the baby is teething much earlier than expected and the evidence has left marks on what used to be a vibrant nipple. Shall we discuss the frustrations of knowing breastmilk is best but she can’t pump out much more than a midday snack? No? Okay, we won’t talk about it.

She’s just money hungry? Yeah she’s hungry alright. Hungry cause by the time she changes a diaper, feeds the baby, washes bottles and considers napping (just considers not actually getting to take said nap), runs the water for a shower (doesn’t get to get in), it’s time to feed the baby again and the baby’s behind smells like somehow he/she grew up suddenly, took a grown person’s dump, then shrunk into being a baby again. Of course the grown person dump didn’t shrink and is there for mommy to clean up. She can’t eat much  more than a piece of chicken before having to sanitize and pick up the baby again. Um yeah she wants money, she needs to pay someone else to do all of this cause um yeah wouldn’t you? I didn’t even mention if said baby mother has to return to work where people pretend to be her friends, ask about the baby, then push off a week’s worth of work on a Friday for her to take care of forcing her to be late getting home to y’all child.

I’m just saying I’m not really mad at her. She’s bugging but she’s got good reason. I feel you on not wanting to be the recipient of her drama, but I got to give her a pass.

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