TVShows1  I’m so excited to get my television life back! Sure lots of mature people consider my t.v watching as frying my brain and a complete waste of time, but what do they know? They have no idea about the burst of creativity I feel when I see a story executed in a way that I would’ve never thought of (good or bad).

Sometimes when I’m watching a movie in a theater I start squirming in the middle of the storyline. My ideas are ignited and I want to run home and write. Same thing when I watch television. I don’t have to hate myself for not working on a written project because when I watch t.v I want to pull out my laptop and create my own stories. Not just short stories or chapter writing of my novel either. Television inspires me to create situations in my music as well.

When a story goes bad, that’s the best! I get so ticked that I can write pages upon pages, completely ignoring my bed time and suffering for it in the morning. Just so you know, my bed time is 10PM. After that I’m usually like a tombstone rock with a scarf half off my head. But let me see a romance that seemed to come out of thin air or a character telling the audience something they could’ve have easily shown. The only way to fix my irritation is to write something of my own.

Some people really have it out for television. Yes, some of the programming has grown risque and the comedy over the top. But for someone like me who dreams in pictures with soundtracks, it’s a colorful trip through worlds with details like smells and feelings. If it’s done correctly, when the season’s over, you feel like you’ve experienced the story as a star player. You were the confidant, the advisor, the best friend, the resident fly on the wall.

I’ve only lived my life. But when I watch television I feel like I understand the lives of others and can fathom reasons for people making decisions that I may not. I can taste history, run without really being chased, hope for someone else’s love. I’m so glad Fall is here!

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