IMG_Tree_2014We’re getting ready for the Christmas holiday. It doesn’t feel the same as in past years. Thanksgiving was a few short weeks ago and I was pregnant. Now I’m not. It’s not really an air of sadness in the house, at least I wouldn’t identify it as that. It’s just not festive. My tree is looking so dry because I decided to go with a different color scheme. I haven’t had the years to accumulate different ornaments and I refuse to spend a fortune filling the doggone thing up with stuff.

Every year I usually have a gift list 50 – 60 people long. Not this year. I didn’t even make a list. I got stuff for the kids I know I’ll see on Christmas. The others may get a small package after I take advantage of the day after Christmas sales.

My family is coming to spend Christmas here in Delaware. Usually we spend it at my parent’s house in Brooklyn. I just don’t have the energy to travel. I probably shouldn’t anyway. I just washed dishes and cut myself while cleaning a knife. About three weeks ago I had to get stitches in my thumb after cutting it with a knife while carving ham. It’s apparent I need to stay away from sharp objects but I’m thinking maybe my brain is a little more affected by recent events than I can face and maybe I just need to chill.

I’m hoping I can hold on to some music and get some recording done before the New Year. That always makes me feel good and productive. Deep down I think I’m kind of ducking my novel. It seems destined to be mediocre, but I think that might be my harsh criticism. Besides, there’s a ton of crappy ish out there that I can’t be mad at because the creators actually completed it.

I really don’t know today’s point. Maybe just doing a little mind sharing. I do however want you to know that if you ever need to mind share with me, I’m here. It doesn’t even have to be relevant to what I’m writing on. There was a time that would irritate the heck out of me, but I’ve found that sometimes we need to let it out wherever we can. So again, we’re here to read your thoughts as much as you’re here to read mine. Happy Holidays!



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