I figure I’ll skip the hellos and intro. I could tell you who I am or who I think I am, but what matters is who you get to know through this stuff I write. So I guess I kind of did an intro, but anyway let’s move on.

I’m a married woman and I loooove my husband. But Goddangit Idris is one sexy somebody. Well, most of the time. When I saw him in Luther I kind of was like, “I’m good.” Why is this on my mind? Well, I was talking to one of my girlfriends/co-workers and rambling about all the notes I’d give the writes and directors for the new Transformers movie had I gotten a chance to see it before they considered it done. I actually thought about blogging about those ramblings but I’m sure the internet has multiple ramblings on the subject much better than mine. Anywho, I’m complaining about the family in the movie being from Texas and no one in the whole community has a Texas accent, when my girlfriend says,

“You know who can do a southern accent? Idris.”

So I’m like “Yeah, he can do a lot of things.”

Then she says, “He can do anything. He can do anything to me.”

So that’s where we took the left. First of all, I can’t pinpoint in my mind when I heard Idris do a southern accent. He might’ve done it. I’m almost certain he has, but it wasn’t memorable for me. She’s going on about his legs and all I can do is scan the area because for some reason I’m nervous. I don’t know why. It’s like deep down I’m scared my husband will think I’m all googly over Idris (which I am not) and poke fun at me always for it. I know he’ll do this as he carries on this way about my strong like for Denzel.

But where is my husband? Home, a whole state away (I work in a nearby city). Now of course he will know my opinion on the man after reading this here set of thoughts. So the torture may begin at any time. But, what it is can’t be denied. The man is a dime. Do they still say that? We all  like to look at what we view to be pretty. Heck, that’s one of the reasons I married my husband. He looks so good to me! Hi honey! (insert wave)

Anyway, Idris is fine. I said it. I agree with the masses. His accent enhances his beauty because I was born an American and like many of my fellow countrymen and women, I find a British accent  alluring. So what’s my point? I don’t have one. He’s fine and I said it and now that I’ve said it openly I’ll probably never feel this way again.

You wanted a better point? I can’t help you. I ramble and have random thoughts. It’s what I do.

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