No Fun City

This past weekend my husband and I were charged with babysitting my 12-year-old sister. So we did and we didn’t have lots of fun but rather it felt like we lived there and we enjoyed everyday life.

My sister hates shopping and of course in true adult fashion I took her with me and a friend of mine to shop for make-up. I didn’t feel like we were in the store that long. I didn’t buy much. But the girl’s body language was saying, “This can’t be life.” I remember those days. Having to go with my aunt or some other adult to a store that I had no interest in. I can’t even really imagine the depths of torture my sister felt being that she has no interest in shopping at all.

When we returned home, we did nothing but talk and watch television and eat. My nephews came over and they enjoyed play fighting with my husband and using their bodies to control the Xbox Kinect. I suppose both my sister, uncle, sister-in-law and I enjoyed watching them.

The next morning is when it hit me. I’m not the fun one. I have cousins who will take my sister to amusement parks. I would too but I’m not getting on most of the rides she wants to get on. My other cousins will be her upside down, screaming partners for stuff like that. For me, if you don’t want to watch a movie and Dave and Busters isn’t in the same borough, there isn’t much we’re going to do. It was too chilly to play miniature golf outside. Maybe I could have taken her ice skating, but that didn’t cross m mind until just now when I wrote it. You know why? Cause I’m not the fun one. If you want to eat well and binge watch movies and tv shows, I’m your girl. But if you’re looking for a fun-filled weekend for your under 18 child, you better leave me with specific instructions.

Here’s the thing: My whole family has probably known forever that I’m not the fun one. It’s me who’s late to the party. I recognize it and I’m actually okay with it. Between my cousins and I there is always going to be a ton of love and affection to be shared. However, we are all unique in terms of what we offer. A couple of them are good for a blast on the weekend. One of them is great with thinking of games to play. Me, I’m going to make sure you eat, hear out your problems, give advice, and make sure you do your homework.

The most wonderful thing about my little sister is that she doesn’t expect me to be the fun one. She loves me and knows that I love her. When I come over she knows who she’s getting and she still hugs me and holds my hand. She still tells me she loves me and still wants me to stay.

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