Often I find myself wondering when it’s my turn. I remember feeling that way when I was trying to have a child. I had been through so many losses. More than once I wanted to bow out and accept I’d never have one. But I just couldn’t stop… doing the work so to speak 🙂 Same with writing. I love it. Have so many projects I’m working on. So many stories to tell. But everyday is still part my unknown.

My plan was for 6 months. I left my corporate job with a budget that would carry me through six months of this full-time writing career. Stupid, I know. Like why would it only take me six months to become what I deem a success? That’s like graduating college and giving yourself six months to make your ideal salary. Not the best laid plan. But you know, I did the work and am doing the work. So six months has now become seven. By the looks of it I can make it to nine. But how?

Blessings have found me because I told them where to reach me. The work is my beacon, my light, my flag. Every time I do the work and am committed, the Universe recognizes it. Sometimes it’s with time to spare and other times it’s when I’m on the brink of giving up. But then my blessing locates me and pushes me further than I planned.

My daughter came at a time that I wanted to break from trying. But by the time I had come to that conclusion I was already pregnant. Through my entire pregnancy I worried the result would be like all the previous miscarriages and pre-term labors. Still, I did everything in my power to protect her and I, our journey. Even though she was born without oxygen and asleep in the sac, I prayed for her survival. Because at that point that was the only work I could do. If you’ve listened to the podcast, Life As P, or read any of my previous blogs you know that she not only made it, but she’s a thriving two-year-old.

My career is my other baby. It’s taken me quite a number of years to choose it. I’ve worked at it half heartedly for my of my life and now I’m committed. So I know my blessings will find me. I’ve put up my light, waved my flag. I’m doing the work. It’s what I can do. It’s what I will do. Who knows? My turn may already be here.

Don’t stop shining your light.

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