Tax season is the real New Year’s Resolution time. People change their lives with that all mighty refund. I mean when people make promises to themselves for the January 1st date we all know (most of us from first hand experience) that by January 15th our minds would’ve taken those promises and turned them into slight suggestions. Tax time though? When that money comes in people become brand new and the changes have more chance to extend past the month. Here’s my list of 8 things observed and experience during this blessed money season (Please note it is not so blessed if you owe):

1. T-tags – You will probably never see as many temporary licence plates than during tax season. Many of those lucky enough to get thousands of dollars on their return decide they are on the bus no more. No more waiting on Rob to finish his shift and give you a lift. No more finding out half an hour before you’re due at work that Gina called in sick and won’t be able to pick you up so you’d have to take the bus or walk. You’re getting a car. You don’t care if it’s a 1999 Maxima or a 1980 Cadillac. *This change doesn’t always last as more than enough people forget to budget for car insurance.

2. Bills Paid – Everyone who works in Collections should be getting a bonus for the months of February, March, and April. You might even be able to stretch it to May. Folks you couldn’t get on the phone if you had the Fire Chief calling them with an urgent message, will now be calling you to pay off that lingering balance. You might forget what it was like to be hung up on or cursed out. *You may also get quite a few requests for credit increases although I’m not sure why since your clients should now have cash on hand.

3. School Clothes- It’s like the first day of school all over again. All kinds of children who don’t play basketball will get to rock $200 basketball sneakers. And since money seems to be in abundance for more people than usual, no one is worried about getting killed over said sneakers.

4. Hair Did – Remember homegirl whose hair is always such a mess that the Supervisor gave her special permission to wear a hat in the office everyday? People even pitched in to get her an array of hats to matchher different struggle outfits? She’s killing ’em right now with her Brazilian bundles with purple highlights. And honey, her Michael Kors aviator lenses are better than yours. Frederick with the bird nest Santa beard is now tapered and looking like the office hottie for the next few weeks (cause he’s going weekly for like a whole three months).

5. Real Estate – Everybody’s moving. Credit cards paid, scores going up on a Tuesday, and you’ve got your first and last month’s rent deposit. Better yet, it’s time to put down on a house. *The house option doesn’t always work out as again people forget to budget insurance.

6. Vacation! – Spring refunds will have the beaches packed this summer. People who’ve never boarded a plane before will travel to exotic locations. Flights will be booked to visit family even when family lives a two-hour drive away. Tons of children will get to see Disney and the Safari.

7. Drinks on Me or You?- Everybody in the club will be getting tipsy. Bottles will pop like a Grammy party. Might even be some confetti involved. *Proceed with caution as you may not be able to tell the difference between tax bottles popping and actual baller bottle popping.

8. Happy Baby Mamas and Daddies – Not only did you get your check but you got theirs too! You don’t even understand yourself for riffing all year about that owed back child support. Here it is in one lump sum. *I’d suggest contributing these checks to the child’s education fund and foregoing the basketball sneakers mentioned above.

So there you have it. Tax season as the true New Year that will impact your life. Love it up, live it up, or pay it back. Either way, don’t forget to file.

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