For years I’d say I’m an aspiring writer. A lack of confidence spiraling my words, I could hear myself say, “I’d like to write…” After many blog posts, mentor lectures, articles searched, and motivational speeches watched, I trained myself to speak differently. I AM A WRITER!

Might seem obvious for some, but for me it was an enormous amount of effort to realize this as my truth. I beat myself up about writing occasionally and constantly being in the middle of some never-finished project. For so long I was describing myself by what I wasn’t doing. So along with my speech I had to change what I was actually doing (or not doing).

I wrote. More than occasionally. I planned. What would I release and when would I release it? *It’s important to note here that not everything went according to plan, but accomplishments still got executed (cause I was becoming a writing badass).* I decided to finish what I was working on. Why? Because I was blocking my own blessings. By not declaring anything as complete I was holding up the pipeline. You see, God didn’t give me just one story to tell. And if I continued to drag out the one, when would I get to the others? Not only that but if it took a finished, published work for me to think of myself as a writer, why wasn’t I doing that? What was I waiting for? Who was I waiting for?

Me. All that time it was me in my own way. Once I decided I was a writer, I determined I was a writer with minimal published works. That had to change and if no one else was going to change it for me, I had to change it for myself. So I wrote, I worked, I published.

Recently I published my first fiction novel It’s my third book but the first of the genre I had always set my sights on. Now it’s here. And I’m proud. And working on the next. Because I am a writer.

*In Her MakeUp is now available on Amazon and Kindle!


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