I am not about to start on the list of things I’m going to change for 2015. Well I am but not really. For me, I’m less concerned with it being a new year and more aware that I need to create a new day for myself. There are things I plan to accomplish and I’m going to do it. I don’t care what year it is.

First things first, I am going to lose weight. I am too old not to have self-discipline or self-control. My sensitive stomach has long been trying to tell me that I can’t eat any and everything I crave. I am finally going to listen a bit. Yes, a bit. I don’t want to be unhappy and stressed feeling like I’m never going to eat anything I enjoy ever again in life. So no diets! I’m just being more responsible. So no, I may not be responsible with every meal but I’ll be practicing more control overall. I actually give a darn about my health so I need to start acting like it. My wonderful aunt/mom (story for another time) is a blessing. She and my husband talked and planned to surprise me. She sent me a treadmill like the one I wanted for my bedroom. Isn’t that amazing? One thing I’m never short on is family support. My husband was so excited for me. Gosh, they love me. But back to business.

I’m writing this doggone novel. No more, “I don’t feel like writing,” or “There’s something holding me back.” I can only be held back if I allow myself to be (or if I lose the use of my hands but we’re going to pray that doesn’t happen).

I also want to be more of a cleaner around the house. Now don’t ever come visit me and think my house will suddenly be cleaner than a pimp at a car wash. However, I am working to minimize the amount of paper my kitchen collects.

So there you have it. Those aren’t my resolutions as so much as my developments. I’m not going to become a new person and make predictions as if I can see into a crystal ball. I needed an attitude adjustment and I’m giving myself one. Sure I’m still in a funk over losing babies, my herniated discs (from the car accident), and my damn show being stolen, but I’m fixing my attitude in some areas that are fundamental to me healing from my funk. I don’t expect to live a different life, I just want to progress and I believe this is how.

Happy New Day!

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