So it begins. My first book, Longneck Bottles has been published! I know, huge feat particularly for someone who has been aiming to write a book for like forever. I mean shoot, it’s been over five years since I got my M.A in Creative Writing. If no one else has been watching in waiting, I know I have.

So now I’ve got this podcast, Life As P, and then this book, Longneck Bottles and they’re both out for public consumption. So what now? Because although I feel great, I feel like something else needs to happen. I don’t know. Maybe I’m greedy. Or maybe I’ve hit my number and now its full speed ahead. Is that how it happens though? Cause I don’t feel like I hit my number. I feel like there’s much work to do and I’m finally doing some of it.

The thing is I did feed the Universe the notion that I wanted to do this writing and various platform thing full-time. So I do think that I should be producing something periodically. I asked for it. And the Universe has been sending me opportunities as well as ideas non-stop. So of course as a sensitive artist I’m concerned with my ability to execute. Maybe that’s the anxiousness I feel. I know the Universe heard me. Now I’ve got to make good on my offering. It’s different when I’m working a full time corporate job. Then it’s understandable to take ten years to write a book. Only when you do, it better be the best freaking book anyone has ever read. Or else you’ve wasted your time and were right to keep your day job. I have to laugh. When you hear the presumed expectations of others circling your head that’s what you do, right? Laugh. Got to. Or it will freeze you with fear.

So for now, I’m picking my poison. I’ve somewhat defrosted. Become unstuck. Got a few more books on the way. In the meantime, I’ll probably be a bit more cognizant of what I’m feeding the Universe. It sends its regards whether you’re ready or not.

*Longneck Bottles by Phoenix Ash is now available on Amazon and Kindle.

** Life As P can be heard via iTunes or Google Play podcasts.

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