So the holidays are among us and many of our well wishes are rooted in religious sentiment. I’m cool with that. I mean if it means you’ll think happily for me or send good vibes through the universe on my behalf then I don’t care what religion you speak it from. Me myself, I consider myself spiritual because I sometimes struggle with being a Christian.

At the core, yes, when I have the presence of mind to do so, I try to follow Christ. However, the label, Christian has been swirled into so many examples that I would not easily align with. I’m not even talking about the hypocrites that hate everyone who isn’t of the same belief. There’s always a dumb** who thinks they are representing the Bible by hating everyone who isn’t that them. Forgive them. They haven’t gotten to Corinthians yet in their reading. I guess.

Anyway, a pet peeve of mine are the Reachers. The ones that spin everything secular into everything religious. Can’t have a no good booty bounce song without someone making it of God. Yo, that thing wasn’t of God when it was created and you spitting Gospel cliché’s over it ain’t gonna change the spirit in which it was created!

Whew! Felt good to get that off my chest. Also the folks that gotta tell you about your non-grateful self on a grateful holiday. Okay Thanksgiving ain’t never been my favorite. I love the food and to tell of my thankfulness but ti’s hard to when you consider after breaking bread there was robbery and slaughtering. However, if you decide to take the one day to be thankful to folks and to the heavens for things you don’t normally assert, good for you. One day is better than no days. Maybe you are grateful for certain things or situations on the regular but then you forget about others. So on Thanksgiving you recall you have more gifts than you thought. But there’s always some over righteous someone to tell you that you still ain’t no good cause you ain’t been thankful all year. Like can’t you just take the one on the one day? Or the ones who have to tell you they are so skilled in thankfulness that they don’t have to be extra on a Turkey Day.

Insert eye roll. Look, if you were thankful on Thanksgiving, kudos to you. If you’re thankful all year, very wonderful. If you use Thanksgiving to up your gratefulness every year, spectacular. If you choose not to celebrate because you crazy woke and don’t feel the sincerity in the holiday, amen to your individuality.

My point is, whatever day it is, if you’re thankful, it’s great and I’m thankful for you. Thankful people tend to be happier and less violent and even sometimes encouraging. So even if it’s your one time or all you’re thankful for is a meal you don’t have to cook, don’t let the Reachers steal your joy. Be thankful for whatever, whenever. Most of all, be thankful you’re not a Reacher. You’d annoy the heaven out of everyone at the table.

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