90897-2847-vixen  Lately my day job has turned into my life job. You ever feel like that? Like what you do for a living has become how you live, against your will. I mean I love what I do because I help people and get to spend my days backing some brilliant minds as they accomplish some tremendous goals. One of the reasons the job is perfect for me is because ordinarily it doesn’t consume me. It balances me. I get to live my double life. I get to use my nurturing spirit to help people get a job done and have it neatly spearated from my life as a writer.  Then this season happened. 

One of the busiest seasons of the year is a blessing for us as a company (no, I’m not naming the company). I’ve been working days a little longer than I’m accustomed but not terribly long in the office. Sometime I find I have to log on when I get home or just before I leave in the morning. I have to do a lot of planning for a lot of people. No one seems to be able to sit still which means I won’t either. It puts a real strain on creative juices. By the time I get home I am wiped out. I’ve been working on a novel and it pains me to say that I haven’t touched it in about 3 weeks. Even on Monday nights when I blog, I have to wake up Tuesday morning and correct my spelling errors. So I recognized that I needed to set some time aside to take care of what was in my heart. 

This Labor Day weekend, I lobored in love. I wrote lyrics, went to the studio and recorded them. Sure I was in the studio eight and nine hours at a time, but I was charged and all my world worries were nonexistent. My husband must’ve figured I needed to do this as well. He made dinner and breakfast and had not one complaint about me spending so many hours spitting verses. I love him! I was able to talk to someone I had been scheduling and rescheduling to talk to. I’ll now be able to write up an article that I have a nearing due date for. And look at this, I was able to write this blog in the day time when I can actually see straight. 

What’s my point? Take time for yourself to reset your heart and energy. When the world gets crazy and the responsibilities come tumbleweeding in, take them on. Then go rejuice. It’s easy to get mad at the job or whatever is filling your plate, but it’s really nothing to be mad at. It happens and everything has it’s seasons. You must carve out time to spend on you and the things that make you happy. I was lucky enough to have a whole holiday weekend to do that. Sometimes it’s just one day off or even a half day where you get a pedicure or something befre you go home. Whatever it is, take the time. Take care of you so that you can come back and continue to be the day time superhero you always are. No one wants a sluggish superhero halfheartedly swooping in to somewhat clean up the mess. Go clean you up and return with power. 

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