The dating world is harder than I realized. You got dudes out there stealing your Netflix and what not? What has happened to the dating society? I tell you I’m not even bragging about being married when I say how grateful I am to not have to be part of today’s dating world.

The age of the internet has changed the stakes dramatically. At least it should. It takes nothing but a quick Google search to grab some background on the person you met via an online chat or site or whatever folks are doing. Did you know you can do a phone number look-up and people can comment on the person who owns the number. I did this a few years ago for a girlfriend of mine and like three different people said her boyfriend was crazy and each had a different reason!

I admit though sometimes I feel bad asking my friends about their dating life. It has grown to be my source of entertainment. I can ‘t believe some of the options that are out there. But then I guess their foolishness is why these folks are still on the market (the dudes, not my friends).

You’ve got the thirty-five plus guy who won’t pull up his pants past the middle of the crack. He’s clearly not looking for a woman over 18. Then there’s the ex-athletes that you’ve never heard of who want an adventurous woman, meaning they want someone bold enough to sleep with them without really getting to know them. I have a friend where the guy told her although he really liked her she wasn’t for him because she seemed like a woman who wanted to take things slow and make the guy work to get to know her. Wait, what? To me he sounded like a walking potential HIV case, so good riddance to him.

So apparently the guy who uses your Netflix login after you logged in from his house exists. Like you go to the crib, log  onto you r account so you guys can watch a movie together. Pause – Why doesn’t he own one of these $8 accounts? Doesn’t have to be Netflix but he has no movie site? Not even HBO on Demand? Okay anyway. You forget to sign off whan you’re done cause of whatever, maybe it’s late and you’re tired or you’re just not accustomed to having to sign out. How in heavens gates does he feel comfortable watching movies on your account weeks later? Mind you, you haven’t spoken to him since your last visit with Netflix. This is scary.

Let us not forget the guy who claims he has no problem meeting women, but you met him on a dating site. So what is that? Greed? Curiousity? Catfishing? Bored, you need something to do with yourself? I can’t. I’ve never been more grateful for my husband.

To all my single ladies, I salute you. You have one heck of a job weeding through the forest of nonsense. I know it gets frustrating because you can’t believe these people have made it over 30 with such foolishness still in their systems. However, when you find the right amount of tolerable foolishness (and you will) know that you are worth every second of goodness that person can offer you. But please don’t become as much of a jerk as those you’ve weeded through and don’t treat the right one right! It makes it suck for those who get to meet him next.

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