Done. Such a short word but so many things I can’t seem to get into the category of “done.” Novel – not done. Album – not done. Other novel – not done. TV Pilot Outline – not done. It all makes me wonder, “What the crap am I actually doing?”

Am I just sleeping and going to work? I have to be doing more than that right? I mean I know I spend time with my husband, which is probably my favorite thing to do, but what about my crafts? A month can go by before I realize I haven’t touched any of the novels or written any music. I know after the loss of the babies depression is looking to claim me. Maybe it has a little. But I can’t let it have me, not all the way. I need to feel good – not just about my situations, but about me and my accomplishments. I’m sure I’ve blogged about this before, but as a writer, every time I go through this, it others me. I’m just glad I can recognize it before I lose years to not writing.

Alright, so what am I going to do about it? What else? Host a writing session. I have a bit of a competitive spirit and find I can’t be surrounded by folks getting stuff done and not get stuff done myself. So today’s the day. We have myself and another writer getting words on the pages and a producer working on some tracks. The cool thing is we’re not all working on the same projects. It’s just three women (more if anyone cares to join us) getting our ish together. We all have creative insights that are available during the moments when someone wants to pause and ask an opinion.

Is this my cure? I’m actually pretty excited about the upcoming session. Our lives are so hectic that it’s difficult to make this an ongoing scheduled thing, but maybe we’ll be so productive that we find it a must. Just the thought of getting some writing done has made me hyped enough to get stuff done around the house. I might even go get my car washed!

As I prepare to conquer something today, I leave you with this: Road blocks are built for one road at a time. Find another avenue to get to your destination. I’ll be somewhere you can find me with water, a pen, a thumb drive, or an ear if you need it.

Love you, fellow creatives!

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