So I put in my notice. It was a Friday. Not yesterday, but a Friday. Recently. Goodbye. No more Corporate America. Although I’m tempted to say for now, I keep telling myself don’t speak that mess into my life. I’m writing. Full time. Don’t ever want to look back. Well, I’d look but not go. I mean Corporate America has given me much content that must be reviewed, chuckled about, and worked in to some character’s crazy life.

I put my notice in. Nicely presented my plans to my boss. Wrote a lovely resignation letter. Cool. It took a lot of deep breathing because you know this is a huge step, right? I’m taking my life and career into my own hands. Living a life by my own design. So yes, yes it is a huge freaking deal! In case you were struggling there.

So Monday rolls around and I have another conversation with my boss. She asks if I feel better about our conversation from Friday. I’m so confused. Did I not walk away happy? Had I not done some of the best adulting in my entire life? Did she not say, “You seem happy so I’m happy for you?” I hesitate to answer because honestly I’m not sure how. But then the craziest thing happens. She says, “I mean you gave me your notice and I didn’t yell at you…”

Insert big lurk eyes here. WTF? Yell at me? I tell you I’m leaving the company to pursue my dreams and live out my passion and you think I expected you to yell at me? But wait, you thought I would’ve tolerated it? Who the hell have I been these past few months? What face do you see? Certainly not someone I’m familiar with. Maybe I’m in that movie where the guy takes on someone else’s life to learn a lesson. I think Nick Cage is in that one. Well as with anything so off the wall, you know anything she said after that was a total blur. Not even cause I was raging. I promise you I wasn’t. I was legit trying to figure out what scenario was possible where she would’ve yelled at me and it would’ve been okay. I didn’t come up with any but I was really trying to see where she was coming from.

Needless to say, I haven’t resolved this yet and it’s quite possible I never will. My daughter’s GG says that was my confirmation that I was making the right decision. My girlfriend says that was confirmation that the woman is crazy. Is it weird that I don’t dislike the woman? Like if I didn’t have these confrontations with her (which has been on more than one occasion and she has no idea they are received as confrontational) I’d like her. I mean I do like her in a twisted, “I think you’re crazy, got me all the way effed up,  but we all have our issues,” sort of way.

However, I do believe that the occurrence is absolutely absurd. Can you imagine being yelled at for daring to be great? I mean if that’s the case get ready to be hoarse.

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  1. Good for you.
    Crazy! All writers are crazy in one form or another. I did exactly what you did in the year 2000: walked into Judge’s chambers and said, “I’m giving two weeks’ notice. I can’t do this anymore.” He understood. I was 1099 personnel He didn’t give a hoot if I stayed or left. After 17 years. He didn’t offer me a piece of cake or a cup of coffee. Didn’t even say he’d miss me. And that’s not the corporate world. You do your thing and enjoy every minute of it. So what? We’re starving artists until the break comes.

  2. Wow….your were always a strong individual and very much into your have a natural gift and we will never know how far our gifts will take us unless we pursue them…fear as well as life’s obstacles always get in the way but a warrior continues to press through. I to believe I should pursue my dreams and always know you drive to write inspires me to write amongst pursing other gifts that I have been blessed advise, stay focused and never ever give up on your dreams even if others give up on you…writing here we come….smile

  3. Lol. But you’re thinking that someone having the audacity to be great is always welcomed. What she was trying to say was “Harpo who dis woman? Why she leaving me?” 😂

  4. Very nice! Saadi is lucky to have a strong woman such as yourself to look up to. You know what you want and have no fear in grabbing it. Love you big cuz!

  5. You have a dream of your own, no need to live someone else’s dream. As long as you always know you didn’t lose the company the company lost you. The funny thing about life is that we go through it trying to please everyone but our selves. Continue to soar and leave ya mark because you will be more than just a name in the office and another employee.


  6. This first thing that popped into my mind was, ‘you made the right choice’ but ummm, for real though, I really want to know what she had to say. How did the conversation end with her? Was her intent to get you to come back? Or to guilt you?

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