So if you’ve listened to the podcast, Life As P (iHeart Radio, iTunes, and Google Play), or read LongNeck Bottles you know that I wholeheartedly believe in feeding the Universe. However sometimes I forget to give it’s due. I get caught up in what isn’t. But when I recall to nourish the universe I receive more than my portion of fullness.

So I’m a writer. We all get that by now. Sorry. I love saying it. Anyway, I thought I’d try my hand at writing romance novels. Well one to start. So I went online and searched articles on, “how to write a romance novel.” Yup. Just that simple of a search. I figured if someone could tell me the markings of a romance novel, like what they all have in common, or what is typical of them, I could use that as my guideline to create one. So I found what I was looking for and honestly, it seemed much more difficult than I imagined. I sighed then decided it was probably best to stick to what I know. This was before it occurred to me that it would mean I wouldn’t stick to much as I don’t know much and pretty much everything I need to learn. But I let it go.

It’s been hard for me to sleep lately. Tossing and turning and a toddler who creeps into my bed at 3AM all make sleep foreign. But when I did fall asleep I awoke to a story idea. The next morning I wrote it on the bedroom’s whiteboard. A few nights later I dreamt of another story idea. Typed that one into my phone.

The more I examined both ideas the more I realized they both could fit the Romance genre. The best thing, I dreamt both of the plots entirely. Well actually the best thing is that I recall them but still. Now I have new projects on the horizon that I’m excited about. Although it did take me all day to find a title for one, but I found it and tomorrow I shall begin.

The Universe was fed and in turn I remain full.

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