Stemming from a block in Brooklyn, New York, Phoenix Ash is a writer/editor/speaker currently residing with her husband and daughter in Delaware.  A Wilkes University Master of Arts graduate, Phoenix is not only an author but also the life examining host of the sometimes funny but always authentic podcast, Life As P.

As a child, Phoenix found her identity with the emerging culture of Hip-Hop, becoming a lyricist.  She later discovered that her imaginative writing style and delivery were also effective in the telling of fictional stories.  To date she has published 5 books, including two novels, In Her MakeUp, and the first book of her “Davenport Series,” Soiled Sheets.

Her non-fiction, motivational book, LongNeck Bottles, examines her battle with pursuing a full-time writing career and how the journey revealed her scribing gift as one of healing.

Phoenix has an expansive repertoire, covering a host of other writing genres as contributing writer for a number of local stage-plays, guest blogging, feature writing/editing, and even business communication consultation. Throughout her career she’s written for, Carib News, Forefront Magazine and has been featured in anthologies such as, I Am Strength, and Nikki Turner Presents: Backstage.  In all that she writes Phoenix represents the power, vulnerabilities, and complexities of the heart inherent to the female experience.


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