What’s with all the hide and go seek? Why is it so hard for people to be transparent? Don’t you know that transparency can save your life?

People hide so much information in the name of… I don’t know, protections maybe? Like some co-workers don’t provide all the tools for you to do your job well because they don’t want you taking theirs. So I guess they think they’re protecting whatever position they think they have. Then mad as hell when you’ve mastered tasks without help and now training them on a more efficient way of doing the crap they’ve been hiding from you all this time.

Or you get family members who try hiding their past. Pretending to be holier than the one sent to save us, while the closet of skeletons is begging to burst. Maybe they think they’re protecting a reputation or someone’s innocence. But when the poop hits the fan and everyone keeps sniffing and scratching at the mess they can’t figure out why there’s so much mess to clean up.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone makes a decision based on what they predict someone else will do or think. I hate when people think for me. They are almost always wrong. Like if a guy or girl hides a cheat because they think the person they are in a relationship with will leave. They might. But there are so many throbbing hearts that will stay simply because they’ve secretly done the same, or because starting over with someone else is such an inconvenience, or they’re just so blind in love the confession is read as an act of love.

Hiding a pregnancy is always a bad idea if this baby is to be born. First of all, if the child looks like the true father, you’d be the only ass fibbing while the whole hood know what is. Or if someone who knows the truth spills it like the tea it is and your child catches a drip. Just a mountain of discomfort and awkward conversations, maybe some snotty crying, or even wrecked relationships that were meant to be preserved.

You should see all the sticky tea that spills throughout the pages of, “In Her MakeUp.” Now who’s left to clean that mess up?

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